Sikkim Sabbatical Leave Scheme 2023: Apply Online, Sabbatical leave Scheme

Sikkim Sabbatical Leave Scheme :- For the benefit of the state’s employees who work for the government, Sikkim’s government has launched the Sabbatical Leave Scheme. Government workers will be granted leave under this scheme without losing their employment enabling them to take time off when necessary to complete work at home. Read the article to get every information regarding this scheme such as objective, eligibility criteria, benefits, required documents and applying procedure.

Sikkim Sabbatical Leave Scheme 2023

Sikkim Sabbatical Leave Scheme 2023

The Sikkim government offers its staff a three year vacation. For ordinary government employees in Sikkim, the government has established a sabbatical leave scheme so they can accomplish their objectives without risking their employment. Several chances that would normally be unavailable to state government employees owing to service requirements will be made available to them according to an official announcement dated 14 August .

Sikkim Skilled Youth Startup Scheme 

A notification from the Department of Personnel stated, Under this scheme, an employee shall be granted sabbatical leave once in the course of their employment for a period of at least 365 days which may be extended up to a maximum of 1080 days. According to the government of Sikkim, this program is highly beneficial to them because service regulations prevented them from doing anything extraordinary in their lives. While you are on leave, the State Government continues to pay you 50% of your income.

Overview of Sikkim Sabbatical Leave Scheme 2023

Scheme NameSabbatical Leave Scheme
Announced BySikkim State Government
Announced On14th August, 2023
ObjectiveProvide Sabbatical Leave to the Government Employees
BeneficiariesRegular Employees of the State Government
Sabbatical Leave Time Period365 to 1080 Days
Mode of ApplicationOffline

Objective of Sikkim Sabbatical Leave Scheme 2023

The major goal of the scheme is to provide regular employees time off to seek more education or launch a new business.

Benefits of Sikkim Sabbatical Leave Scheme 2023

The benefits of this scheme are listed below:

  • State employees who work in normal government have access to a sabbatical leave scheme.
  • Government workers will be allowed to take time off without risking their jobs due to this scheme.
  • Employees of the state government will get 50% of their pay while on leave.
  • Employees in Sikkim are eligible for sabbatical leave starting at 1 year, which has been raised to 3 years.
  • The state’s qualified employees will find new, better jobs due to this scheme.
  • The scheme will help employees balance their social and family responsibilities.
  • Employees of the Sikkim state government will be permitted to launch new businesses in addition to their official employment.
  • Through this scheme, its employees will be able to find employment with the government while on leave.

eligibility criteria

  • The applicant must be resident in Sikkim state.
  • Regular workers of the State Government will be qualified.
  • Members of the All India Service are not eligible for this scheme.
  • The scheme will be available to anyone who has worked for at least five years.

Required Documents

The required documents of this scheme are listed below:

  • Passport Size Photograph
  • Identity Proof
  • Employee ID
  • Loan Documents
  • Email ID
  • Mobile Number

Applicant Procedure of Sikkim Sabbatical Leave Scheme 2023

  • Employees who wish to benefit from the Sabbatical Leave Scheme must submit an application in accordance with the guidelines using the approved format and valid justifications.
  • To submit to their department head, they must create a format. following the transfer of their Department head to a higher department.
  • They are eligible for a sabbatical leave under the scheme after gaining approval from the higher department.

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