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ABC ID Card :- Government of India provides this digital educational platform to facilitate student seamless mobility between or within degree granting Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) through  a formal system of credit recognition, credit accumulation, credit transfer and credit redemption. In this process each students has to create an ABC ID Card using Digilocker Portal or application. This ID Card is launched by the Ministry of Education.

In this article we will provide you the details description about this Program which includes Key Highlights, Benefits, How to create an ABC ID Card through Digilocker portal


The Academic Bank of Credits is a digital card for students studying in private and government schools or colleges across India. It enable students to collect their academic credits, degrees and other information online.The Ministry of Education and Government of India launched this ABC ID Card as per National Educational Policy (NEP) 2020 to create unique ID numbers for school students across India. The schools and colleges will provide this card to each student enrolled from pre-primary to higher education.

Key Highlights of ABC ID Card

Name of the ArticleABC ID Card
Launched ByGovernment of India
ObjectiveTo create a digital portal for every individual student which will contain all the academic records
BenefitsIt creates a centralized digital repository for academic records
Eligibility CriteriaStudents from pre primary to 12th Standard
Mode of RegistrationOnline
AuthorityMinistry of Education and Government of India
BeneficiariesStudents across India

Objectives of ABC ID Card

To know about the objectives of the ABC ID Card please look below the mentioned points :

  • The objective of the ABC ID Card is to provide a digital platform for every individual student which will contain all the academic records.
  • Another objective of the ID card is to store all information about the students and their academic credit points.

Benefits of ABC ID Card

The numerous benefits offered under this program are as follows:

Unique Student ID

The issuance of ABC IDs assigns a distinct and permanent identifier to each student, starting from class I. This ensures seamless academic tracking throughout their educational journey.

Academic Progress Monitoring

ABC IDs facilitate continuous and comprehensive monitoring of students academic performance from the outset.

Highlighting Areas for Growth

Educators have the ability to pinpoint subject-specific areas where students may benefit from additional support based on their academic data linked to ABC IDs, enabling targeted interventions for improvement.

Streamlined Record Keeping

The ABC system provides a secure and organized repository for students academic records, greatly diminishing the need for cumbersome paper-based documentation and simplifying administrative tasks.

Enhanced Student Flexibility

The ABC empowers students with the freedom to multiple entry, multiple exit in their educational program, fostering a personalized learning journey.

Long-Term Credit Storage

Students credits are securely preserved for a maximum of 7 years,ensuring that their academic achievements remain accessible and relevant throughout the career.

Streamlined Credit Transfer

The system offers a single-window platform for the seamless transfer of credits, simplifying the process after the approval of both the sending and receiving academic institutions.

Verified Institution Uploads

Only verified academic institutions are authorized to upload credits, maintaining the integrity of the system and ensuring the credits accumulation.

Procedure to Create an ABC ID Card through Digilocker

To create an ABC ID Card through Digilocker please follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Visit the Official Digilocker Portal.
  • If you are a new user then click on “Sign Up” button and create your Digilocker account by setting up your username etc. or if you are an existing user then click on “Sign In” button.
  • Then click on “Search Documents” options and search for ABC ID and then select ABC ID Card.
  • Provide the necessary details such as your full name as per Aadhar Card, Date of Birth, Gender, Aadhar Number etc.
  • Under “Select Institution Type” select “University” from drop down list.
  • Then select “Rajiv Gandhi University” from the drop down list under “Select Institution Type”.
  • Once you have created an ABC ID, you can access it through the Digilocker portal.
  • You can also share your ABC Card with your educational institutions.
  • You can view and download the ID form the “Issued Documents” Tab of Digilocker.

Download ABC ID Card through Digilocker

Once you have created the ABC ID you can download it, to download the ID Card please follow the below instructions:

  • Visit the Digilocker website or app.
  • Login to your Digilocker account.
  • Click on “Issued Documents” option.
  • Now click on ABC ID Card (Academic Bank of Credit)
  • Wait for your ID to be fetched.
  • Click on Download icon for pdf file.

Download ABC ID Card (Digilocker)

  • You have visit the digilocker.
  • Now you have login the your digi locker account.
  • Click on the ABC ID CARD Academic Bank Of Credit.
  • Now you have wait for your id to be fetched.
  • Then click on the download option.

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