Dhani One freedom Card – How to Apply, Features, Benefits, Fees

Here we will talk about the Dhani One Freedom Card, which is more like another credit card, if we talk about other cards they took interest and so many other things, but Dhani One Freedom Card is on different level. In Dhani One Freedom Card there will be 0% interest and first limit of transaction will be 10,000, and you will also get cash backs after every use. In this Dhani One Freedom Card you can also withdraw money on the same method.

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What is Dhani Free Freedom Card, And How does It Work

As we discussed the Dhani One Freedom Card is like a other cards, it has so many benefits which other cards don’t have. It is an App based Card, it has zero use limits so the individual can use it as much as they can. After every use the individual will also get cash backs, and there will be zero interest. On the other hand you can also say that Dhani One Independent Card, because it is freedom zero% interest in this Dhani One Independence Card

dhani One Freedom Card

Monthly Charges of Dhani One Freedom Card

Through this card, the card holder can easily avail credit of up to Rs.5 lakh at free interest for a nominal monthly fee or subscription and get unlimited access to doctors 24 hours a day.

Dhani One Freedom Card- Advantages

Here is the list of benefits which is more important:

  • First in Dhani One Freedom Card there will be 0% interest.
  • Individuals will get cashbacks after every transaction on shopping or other things.
  • The Dhani One Freedom Card is available for free for all the citizens.
  • All the doctors will be available 24 hours on instant access.

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Fee and Charges to Get Dhani One Freedom Card

The Dhani One Freedom Card is free of cost, it takes nothing but give you all your need. In this Dhani Card you will get cashback after every transaction and it is for all the citizens who want a interest free card. If you’re new then for first you’ll face transaction limit which is 10,000 and if you a strong credit score then it’ll increase upto 5.00,000/5, lacks. It’ll give health and also interest rate freedom.

Monthly Charges of Dhani Card

There will be zero charges for the Dhani One Freedom Card. Individuals will get cash backs after every transaction.

Dhani One Freedom Card Benefits

  • This Dhani One Freedom Card is free of cost.
  • Individuals will get cash backs after every transactions.
  • There will be 0% interest rate, if you’re new then you will face the transaction limit upto 10,000, but if there’s a increase in credit score then you’ll get transaction limit upto 5,00,000/ 5 lacks.
  • There will be no EMI’s with easy Interest, all you can do is change the credit line and as you want, and pay it with 3 easy EMI’s.
  • All the doctors will be available for 24 hours.

Easiest way to get Dhani Card

  • If you want the Dhani One Freedom Card, then first you have download the Dhani App which is available on the play store.
  • Then, enter details which is required on that app, such as, basic information, current salary, DOB etc.
  • Read all the terms and conditions about the Dhani One Freedom Card and apply for the Subscription which you’ve already choose.
  • After that you can set up your limits and other things on your own.

Eligibility Criteria

The individual who are willing to get the Dhani Card should be a citizen of India. The individual should have 20 years of his/her age and should have consistent income source, and if you already have a card then you can get another one easily.

Required Documents

Here is the list of documents which is required in Dhani One Freedom Card, list is given below:

  • Photocopy of ID proof (any1)
  • Last 6 Months Bank Account Statement
  • Driving license
  • Passport
  • Photocopy of the Address Proof (any1)
  • PAN Card
  • Utility bill
  • Aadhar Card
  • Voter card
  • Aadhar card
  • Passport
  • New passport-size photos.

Proof of Income Statement

Individual should provide a recent 3 months salary slip for the proof if statement, and a person also should be self employed. They must provide a recent income tax returns, financial reports, and business proof also.

Procedure to get Dhani Free Card

  • If you want to get the card then you have to download the Dhani App.
  • After that enter phone number and confirm it with aOTP.
  • Now you’re required to set a pin of 4 digit
  • Here is the steps: first, enter the number on your PAN card which is given on the card.
  • After that it will take to the homepage.
  • There will be a Dhani One Liberty Credit,on the page, click on it
  • Continue, and go to view the card.
  • After that enter your basic personal information, date of birth and PAN card number, and click Continue.
  • Continue by the Enter key.
  • You should complete your Aadhar KYC. All you need is a Aadhar Linked mob number for this, and this  number should be in used for next 24 hours.
  • This article will let you know to do KYC option to complete KYC. If you already have a linked number, the you need to follow the steps given below.
  • First, you have to fill the Captcha and click on Generate OTP and after that enter your Aadhar number.
  • Then, enter the OTP which is sent to your linked mob number,
  • Now double-tap on your information, enter email address to complete the procedure, then it’ll finish.
  • All the individuals should activate card, to use the Tap to get New feature.
  • Check Your Identity after entering all your Bank account details.
  • Now, your card is ready for use. All you need is to press the Activate Card button to get start.
  • If you’re ging to use Dhani card you need to pay advance money Rs299. After that you’ll get the amount Rs299 in cashback, which is actually refundable.
  • Now, you can use your Credit card after making a successful payment. If you want to check Virtual Credit Cards, you’re required to tap on Cards. Your card information is given there.

Procedure to Transfer From Card to Bank Account

  • Dhani One Freedom Card Bank Transfer.

Money can be transferred from Card to Bank Account

You can use the Dhani Card to purchase gold and then sell it, and the money will be deposited to you bank account within in 24 hours.


Is you want to add money on you Mobikwik wallet, you need to use the Mobikwik App and after use Dhani Card to transfer the money in wallet, KYC is must required, and it is also cost 2.75% on any bank transaction.


You can buy Gold with the use of Dhani One Freedom Card, and sell it and the money will be deposited in your bank account. All you’re required is to add you bank account in Paytm.


here you can use this Dhani Card to buy any product and make a payment, but only when the return and cancellation is done. It’ll be credited to your dhaniwalletspecially when you add a bank account in Dhani App and transferred funds. With this procedure you can earn atleast 2 percent cashback after any purchase.

Procedure to use Dhani Credit Card

  • Individuals will get cash backs on every purchases.
  • And also individuals will get 5 percent discount on all purchase with Dhani Card, such as, fuet, bill payments groceries etc.
  • Individuals will also get 20% discount on monthly as fees of membership, and up to 10% cashback on monthly EMI payments.
  • You’ll also get a discount on Medicine.
  • Dhani card can save up to 40 percent on medicines and make sure on same-day delivery.
  • Doctors will be available 24 hours.

EMI Options on Dhani Card

With Dhani Card you can pay monthly basis, this will be only for three months only and the payment will be debited on monthly basis from your linked bank account.

Approval of Dhani Card

When you agree with the eligibility conditions then, your Dhani One Freedom Card will be activated. The Dhani App will give you various copies of your cards, you’ll also get the credit limit upto 1,00,000/ 1, lakh on Dhani Card.

App Control

You can check the transaction in the Dhani One Freedom Card App. And here a option called cancel subscription which means you can cancel you subscription at any time, and it won’t charge any cost.

Complain Numbers

If you find any illegal problem on your Statement you can contact the customer care no 0124-6037111 or senda email nodal@dhani.com.

Here you can also make a complainthrough this number022-67737800, and you can also send a email grievance@dhani.com.

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