Karnataka LMS Scheme 2023: Apply Online And Login & Faculty App

Karnataka LMS Scheme 2023 :- The State Government of Karnataka has launched so many schemes but the first time ever has started a digital introduction program plan know as Karnataka LMS Scheme Online education is provided under Karnataka LMS Scheme 2023 at the state-operated institutes of higher education in state.There are digital courses available in a variety of languages on digital platforms.According to the government of the state of Karnataka

Karnataka LMS Scheme       

This digital initiative would give more options for e-learning in academic institutions such as schools and colleges.In this article, we will learn about the benefits,objectives of the portal. Additionally we will also learn about the registration process.

Karnataka LMS Scheme       

The Chief Minister of Karnataka S.S Yeddyurappa, inaugurated the Karnataka LMS Scheme for the state’s citizens.4.5 lakh students and 24,000 teachers are expected to profit from this effort.The Karnataka Learning Management System 430 is going to be deployed at 14 engineering colleges, 87 polytechnics, and first-class institutions.The total cost of this project was 34,14 crores.The Chief Minister of Karnataka said this scheme is implemented in two ways

Jyothi Sanjeevini Scheme

LMS-based digital learning and 2500 classrooms that are equipped with ICT.This digital initiative’s principal goal is to migrate the curriculum of educational institutions such as schools and colleges online and into digital format. Examples of such institutions include universities.

Under this scheme,the students of state karnataka can take advantage.It has been suggested that this programme would be beneficial to 4.5 lakh students and 24,000 instructors or professors in the state of Karnataka.The total funding that has been allotted for the plan is around 34 crores.The programme calls for the establishment of 2,500 classrooms that are equipped with information and communication technology as well as digital platforms and systems by the relevant authorities.

Overview of Karnataka LMS Scheme    

NameKarnataka LMS Scheme
Launched ByThe Chief Minister Of Karnataka State
BenefitsStudents digital learning method
CategoryKarnataka Government Scheme
Application Process——–
Official website——–

Objective for Karnataka LMS Scheme 

The primary objective of this digital initiative by the Government of Karnataka is to prepare the curriculum of educational institutions like schools and colleges in online digital format. The Learning Management System Project of Karnataka is costing Rs.34.14 crores. The facility of 2500 ICT-enabled classrooms and digital learning-based learning management system (LMS) platform will be made available.

Eligibility for the Karnataka LMS Scheme

The participant must be a resident of Karnataka state.

Required Documents

  • The applicant Enrollment Number of School.
  • Mobile number
  • Email ID
  • Birth Certificate

Benefits for Karnataka LMS Scheme

  • The benefits of this scheme is given below:
  • Students enrolled in a range of courses have the option to expand their knowledge via the use of E-learning modules that have been designed particularly for those students. This possibility is made available to students through an online Learning Management System.
  • In addition, the KLMS Scheme of Benefits is helpful to lecturers and instructors because it helps them move from the traditional style of teaching to the digital method of learning. This is one of the many ways in which the KLMS Scheme of Benefits is advantageous.
  • As part of this new digital strategy, everyone, students as well as teachers, is being pushed to increase the level of digital literacy they possess.
  • Staff personnel, such as lecturers and instructors, stand to profit from the transition from the traditional way of teaching to the digital method of learning when the institution uses a digital medium as its delivery platform. The pupils’ comprehension improves as a direct result of the use of digital media and images.
  • It has a favorable impact, both on the percentage of students who remain enrolled in their respective institutions and on the overall number of new students.
  • Students at public schools and universities may now compete academically with students from private schools and corporations thanks to a programme called the Learning Management System Scheme.

Registration process for the  Karnataka LMS Scheme

The Karnataka LMS Scheme will be presented by the Chief Minister; hence, the higher authority has not advised an application procedure. No LMS Scheme portal is provided. You will get a notification as soon as the portal for this plan becomes live. Students will benefit from the digital learning component of this programme, which has not yet been implemented online. You will be notified by us as soon as the online application for this programme is ready for use.

Karnataka Student LMS Online Registration Form 2023

  • it is learned that the state government will run Karnataka LMS on the portal by providing evidence to the students.
  • the Karnataka Government is also planning to release the KLMS app, through which students can learn online courses using the mobile app.
  • However, currently, there is no official information about the website or app that the government plans to take the program digitally.
  •  the announcement about the application / registration process of students and teachers on the Karnataka LMS portal.

How to Download Karnataka LMS Faculty App

  • You have open the play store .
  • Now you have from the search bar Karnataka LMS.
  • A new page will be displayed on the screen
  • you have to click on the install option.
  • The mobile application will be downloaded to your device.

Contact Details

For any other query related to the Karnataka LMS Scheme, feel free to contact on the below-given details:

Address: Office of the Commissioner, Unnatha Shikshna Soudha, Seshadri Road, Bangalore – 560001

Phone Number: 8929-908-938

WhatsApp Number: 7058164019 / 7249464019

Email: karnatakalms-support@gogetempowered.com

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