Assam Tractor Distribution Scheme 2023: CMSGUY Application Form

Assam Tractor Distribution Scheme 2023:- The government of Assam is launching schemes every year and the citizens are vigorously taking advantage of these schemes. The government also launched a website where citizens can apply for these schemes also. The government has launched a fresh scheme for citizens in which tractors are distributed for agricultural purposes. The Assam Tractor Distribution scheme is known as the Assam Tractor Distribution Scheme 2022. In this article, we will learn about the benefits and process of registration for the scheme. Additionally, we will also learn about the eligibility and documentation requirements for the Assam Tractor Subsidy Scheme in the State of Assam.

Assam Tractor Distribution Scheme

Brief About Assam Tractor Distribution Scheme 2022

The Assam government has started a scheme for the state’s agriculture industry in which tractors will be given to young people who are unemployed so they may work and contribute to the expansion of the agriculture industry. Under the scheme, the tractors will be distributed on a subsidy basis.

Approximately 70% of the tractor subsidy is being provided under the plan for tractors. The maximum subsidy under the programme is 5.50 lakh, while the minimum subsidy is 3.84 lakh. Under the scheme the Assam Tractor Subsidy Scheme applicants will also be eligible for a 20% bank loan.

Assam Tractor Distribution Overview

Name of SchemeAssam Tractor Distribution Scheme.
BenefitsTractor Distribution on a Subsidy Basis

Objective of  Assam Tractor Distribution

The main objective of the scheme is to provide the tractors on a subsidy basis so that the farmers do not rely on others. They can get a tractor on a subsidy basis, with which they can raise their agriculture output, and it can also increase their income. Click to Check More About Assam Sakhi Express Scheme .

Benefits of the Assam Tractor Distribution Scheme

Each municipality will give a farm transporter to one agricultural unit that generates reliable revenue.Some other benefits of the scheme are as

  • Agriculture growth will increase in the state as well as unemployment will somehow decrease.
  • Providing affordable farm transportation fosters innovative farming practises
  • Under the scheme Beneficiaries receive 10% of the total amount and 5.5 lakhs are available in subsidies.
  • The programme also offers tractor equipment and accessories.
Eligibility Criteria of Assam Tractor Distribution Scheme

Ranchers will actually wish to get farm trucks from the state government at a subsidised price under the Assam Tractor Subsidy Scheme, which is being formally implemented in the state alongside the Mukhyamantri Samagra Gramya Unnayan Yojana, the nation’s largest tractor subsidy scheme. The criteria are as

  • Candidates must be Assam State residents who work as farmers.
  • The Assam Tractor Scheme is ineligible for participation by individuals. It can be attained by a group of eight to ten individuals who work in their professions and all reside in the same hamlet.
  • In order to be eligible for the tractor program, the group must open a joint bank account, sign their application with the signatures of all members, and ideally cultivate land and crops.
  • More than one candidate from the same family must be from a different application category.
  • There should be no more than one candidate per family in the applicant group.
Documents Required for Assam Tractor Distribution Scheme

Some of the main documents required for the eligible applicants under the scheme are as

  • Aadhar Cards of All Applicants of the Same Group or Association
  • Residential Certificates
  • Pan Card of Applicants
  • Bank Details of the Applicant
  • Valid Email and Mobile Number

Application Process for the Assam Tractor Distribution Scheme

In order to apply for the scheme, you need to follow the procedure of the application process. The process of registration under the scheme is as

  • The applicant group must submit the application to the District Agriculture Officer in the manner required, who will then send it on to the DLC.
  • Then, DLC will select one qualified group in each town that has a waiting list and a deposit in the group’s bank account at the relevant branch equal to at least 10% of the total cost of the tractor unit.
  • Applications and groups will be subject to a binding decision by the DLC, and the Member Secretary will announce the names of the selected groups.
  • The applicant organisation can then submit the application to the district agriculture officer in the manner specified, and the district agriculture officer will pass the application on to the DLC.
Bank Collaboration for the Assam Tractor Distribution Scheme

In order to streamline the process of opening group bank accounts, credit linkage, fund flow, monitoring, and other aspects of the program for the duration of the program, the Department of Agriculture will sign a memorandum of understanding with any bank. participating in the program. The following terms must be included in the MOUs with financial institutions:

  • Only financial institutions that are signatories to the agreement should be allowed to participate in the programme.
  • On loan amounts that are equal to the released subsidy, banks are not permitted to impose any interest. The MOUs that must be executed with various financial institutions must contain these clauses.
  • On loans equivalent to the released subsidy, banks are not permitted to impose interest.

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