Karnataka Ganga Kalyana Scheme 2022 : Registration Form, Beneficiary List

India has a lot of resources, and these resources are being used and gained with the help of irrigation. With the help of irrigation, farmers in the country can make a living and also sell their crops and livestock to other countries. To make the best use of these resources, the government of Karnataka has launched a scheme  called the Karnataka Ganga Kalyana Scheme. Under the scheme, it makes it easier for farmers to water their crops. In this article we will learn about the benefits and application process for the scheme.

Karnataka Kashi Yatra Scheme

Karnataka Ganga Kalyana Scheme

The Karnataka Ganga Kalyana Scheme will receive irrigation facilities on agricultural land through the drilling of bore wells or the digging of open wells, which will be followed by the installation of pump sets and accessories. The Karnataka Minority Development Corporation is responsible for launching the Karnataka Ganga Kalyana Scheme. The government has provided funding in the amounts of 1.50 and 3 thousand rupees for the individual borewell projects. This funding will be used for the digging of a borewell, the provision of pumps, and a deposit of Rs 50,000 for electricity. Subsidy of rupees 3.5 lakh to Bangalore urban, Bengaluru rural, Ramanagara Kolar, chikkaballapur, and Tumkur districts

Karnataka Ganga Kalyana

Under the Scheme The price per unit of land is fixed at Rs 4 lakh for up to 8 acres and Rs 6 lakh for up to 15 acres. the whole amount will be seen as a subsidy. The government is going to give farmers the tools they need to water their crops by using permanent water sources or lifting water through pipelines.

Karnataka Ganga Kalyana Scheme Overview

Name of SchemeGanga Kalyana Scheme
BeneficiariesFarmers of the State
benefitsIrrigation Facilities

Objective of Karnataka Ganga Kalyana Scheme

Drilling borewells or excavating open wells, followed by the installation of pump sets and accessories, is the primary objective of the Karnataka Ganga Kalyana Scheme. This would allow for the provision of irrigation facilities to the state’s farmers.

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Benefits of the Karnataka Ganga Kalyana Scheme

  •  The main benefit of the scheme is that the state government will provide the farmers with pump sets and accessories. Some other benefits of the scheme is as
  • The funding would be used for borewell drilling, pump supply, and a deposit for electrification. The government has allotted Rs 1.50 lakh to Rs 3 lakh for each borewell project.
  • Bangalore urban, Bengaluru rural, Ramanagara, Kolar, Chikkaballapur, and Tumkur districts will get a subsidy of 3.5 lakh, while the remaining districts will receive a subsidy of 2 lakh.
  • The scheme is only for small or marginal farmers who are members of minority populations and will be eligible to profit from this program.

Eligibility Criteria Of Ganga Kalyana Scheme

  • The Eligibility Criteria for the karnataka ganga kalyana scheme is as
  • The candidate must be a member of a minority group and should be permanently resident in Karnataka.
  • A small or marginal farmer must be the candidate, and the farmer’s total yearly family income should not be more than Rs. 96,000. 1,000,000 rupees in urban regions
  • The applicant’s age should range from 18 to 55 years old.

Documents required

  • Some of the main documents required for the Karnataka ganga Kalyana scheme is as
  • Aadhar card, BPL card, caste certificate, income certificate, and most recent RTC
  • certifications for small and marginal farmers issued by the appropriate authorities
  •  bank passbook
  • receipt for land revenue
  • Form for self-declaration

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Application Process for the Karnataka Ganga Kalyana Scheme

  • The step by step process of application for the karnataka ganga kalyana scheme is as
  • Visit the official website of the portal and load the homepage of the website
Karnataka Ganga Kalyana
  • You must choose the online application from the webpage.
  • You next need to choose the Ganga Kalyana plan.
Karnataka Ganga Kalyana
  • You will now see an application form.
  • You must fill out this application form with all the necessary information.
  • You must now submit all the necessary papers.
  • You then need to choose “apply”
  • By using this process, you may apply for the scheme.

Login Process for the Karnataka Ganga Kalyana Scheme

  • The step by step process of login for th kalyana scheme is as
  • Visit the official website of the portal and load the homepage of the website
  • You must choose to sign in from the homepage’s menu.
Karnataka Ganga Kalyana
  • The login page will then show up.
  • You must enter your email address, password, and captcha code on this page.
  • After that, choose “sign in” to continue.
  • This process will allow you to access the portal.

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