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Promobot Use My Face :- A producer of robots has made a request for human faces. The New Tech Age is not quite far enough along at this point. The corporation has begun an online campaign titled Promobot Use My Face for which it is offering a sum equivalent to 1.5 crores to a courageous volunteer who is willing to give indefinite rights to use their face on promo bots. The campaign was launched in conjunction with the announcement that the corporation would be using promo bots.

For the goal of duplicating your voice they will create a 3D model of your face and body in addition to dictating at least one hundred hours worth of material from which they might draw inspiration.In this article, we will learn about the eligibility criteria and documents of the Scheme. Additionally we will also learn about the registration process.

Promobot Use My Face

Promobot is a tech powerhouse, a prominent robot-producing corporation situated in New York since 2019. It creates incredibly lifelike humanoid robots who operate in a range of jobs such as autonomous navigation,face and voice recognition,artificial intelligence,autonomous navigation and other fields of robotics in 43 countries. The applicant is supposed to sign a license agreement providing limitless time access to the use of his/her appearance.

Their new customers are some of the large-scale projects for which they need a unique robot look license in order to avoid any potential legal delays in the subject. They want their robot helper to have a face that is nice and caring therefore they are looking for one. Despite the fact that they have mentioned that they are looking for individuals who are kind and nice they are accepting applications from anyone of any gender and age above 25.

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Promobot Use My Face

Project NamePromobot Use My Face
Launched ByPromobot Face
ObjectiveVolunteers for robot support
Application ModeOnline

Post Description

American tech company Promobot is now looking for Can You Face for its humanoid robot. It is being told by the company that this robot will work in hotels and other places. The company will pay you $200000 which is Indian Rupees 1.5 Crore.

Objective for Promobot Use My Face 

For their project on robot support, the firm needed a person that comes across as kind and helpful.

Benefits for Promobot Use My Face 

  • The Benefits for this scheme is given below:
  • External systems and Services Connection
  • Communication and Question Answering
  • Scanning of documents
  • There are a variety of languages available
  • Recognition of people faces
  • Printing Receipts and Coupons
  • Printing of Photography
  • Access card is issued
  • Terminal for accepting payments
  • Option for Telepresence

Eligibility Criteria

In addition, the corporation included inside the contract the established terms, one of which said that the organization was obligated to present itself in a kind and courteous manner at all times. The online application form is available to individuals of both genders regardless of whether they are male or female. The age of the candidate must be more than 25 years old.

Registration Process for Promobot Use My Face

  • First you have to visit the official website of the Promobot company.
  • On the homepage you have to enter required details such as
  • Country User
  • Name
  • Email and other details along with the message of why you think you are the right fit..
  • You will get an email verifying that your application was received, and they will continue to keep you updated.

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